Words about Some Paintings

Through elaborately fabricated set designs, casting calls, and meticulous direction, I create narrative paintings in the lineage of history painting morphed through a postmodern context. The dramatic subjects within my painting remain intentionally ambiguous, creating a desire within the viewer for explanation while also refusing to provide it. Rather than illustrating a situation or creating a clear cut moment of life, I offer up a meditation that forces the viewer to stop and consider the ontological void that this lack of clarity creates.

At once both violent and apathetic, my world is born from the irrational mind of a reckless abandon, where morality and truth are just as fluid as the blood flowing through and out of our veins. I paint within the realm of realism to situate this world in the didactic structure of absolute truth exhibited by the history painters of the French Academy, undermining this hierarchy by claiming the profound boredom found in the moments of in-between are worthy of cultural elevation.

Painting is a medium in which narrative is not given to the viewer, it must be discovered. A painting is a seemingly static object once the artist claims its completion. Upon its introduction to the public, however, the narrative which the artist may have intended is no longer concrete, it is subjective to the viewer. The narrative of my work is deeply personal and reflective of concrete stories and emotional occurrences, but the true purpose of my painting is not to didactically illustrate a story or ethical stance. These moments of nothingness, of not-happenings, are crafted in a large scale, painterly realism which demands attention, yet refuses satisfaction. My paintings expose the myth of certainty and purpose by exalting the boredom of existence, and through the slow methodical act of painting, asserting these experiences as worthy of being painted.

Words about Myself

"I am a gathering of opposites, known by many names.  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Apollo and Dionysus, and yes, Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. A series of dichotomies battle inside me, an endless paradox of polarities and conflict. I am both ignorant and intelligent, observing myself with the utmost clarity through the most biased of lenses that are not quite my prescription. I am both writer and reader; the fatalist with free will.  I am the man who waits in line to rob the bank. The egomaniac with an inferiority complex. I live in the deepest ocean of empathy, staying afloat with the impenetrable life jacket of apathy. I am the doctor and the patient, the scientist and the experiment, the self proclaimed sanest man in the psych ward. "

Untitled Life

Those days were filled

With confidence and sunshine

Not only in your hair

But our shared smiles

Just moments away from touch

The taste of berries and flowers

Dripped off of your tongue

And inside my blood

Hand in hand we sped down

The highway of reckless abandon

Those days were long

Constantly running from

The monster with long teeth

We searched for the secret glue

To hold us together in time

“Us” was just an afterthought

Shadowed by our one track minds

Using the universal elixir

Masters of stone and water

Turning rusted metal to golden life

It was no surprise when

You didn't text back

Our performance fell apart

The monster told me you found it

A place to be alone, a hidden home

Those days are gone

You broke through the translucent wall

I conquered the monster

And though I may be free

You're alive

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