Selected Writings

"I am a gathering of opposites, known by many names.  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Apollo and Dionysus, and yes, Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. A series of dichotomies battle inside me, an endless paradox of polarities and conflict. I am both ignorant and intelligent, observing myself with the utmost clarity through the most biased of lenses that are not quite my prescription. I am both writer and reader; the fatalist with free will.  I am the man who waits in line to rob the bank. The egomaniac with an inferiority complex. I live in the deepest ocean of empathy, staying afloat with the impenetrable life jacket of apathy. I am the doctor and the patient, the scientist and the experiment, the self proclaimed sanest man in the psych ward. "

Untitled Life
Those days were filled
With confidence and sunshine
Not only in your hair
But our shared smiles
Just moments away from touch
The taste of berries and flowers
Dripped off of your tongue
And inside my blood
Hand in hand we sped down
The highway of reckless abandon
Those days were long
Constantly running from
The monster with long teeth
We searched for the secret glue
To hold us together in time
“Us” was just an afterthought
Shadowed by our one track minds
Using the universal elixir
Masters of stone and water
Turning rusted metal to golden life
It was no surprise when
You didn't text back
Our performance fell apart
The monster told me you found it
A place to be alone, a hidden home
Those days are gone
You broke through the translucent wall
I conquered the monster
And though I may be free
You're alive